standard-title Testimonials Champions Feedback: People who have worked with Amanda have this to say...


Champions Feedback: People who have worked with Amanda have this to say...

Etienne Myburgh


Premium Coaching – Type II Diabetic

I never believed in any form of coaching until I met Amanda Strydom in 2016.

My weight at the time was 156kg and because all weight –loss programmes I tried before failed, I wasn’t interested in any “new” plan. My average sugar (HBA1C) was 12.6 and I injected the maximum dose of insulin twice daily. My risk of getting a heart attack was enormously high. I was taking take blood pressure and cholesterol medication.

Amanda’s professional approach at our first meeting convinced me to give her a try, and that is where our journey started.

Through offering advice, love, empathy and most of all understanding, Amanda guided me to a healthier and happier me. Many a time I was offered the opportunity to end the coaching sessions as Amanda believes that coaching must not be indefinite, but I still needed the accountability and support from her at the time.

After being a Type 2 Diabetic for 22 years, I am totally free and considered to be in remission for 18 months now. No more Blood Pressure or Cholesterol medication or Insulin (latest HBA1 was 5.3).

Thank you Amanda for believing in me when I didn’t, reprimanding me when I didn’t listen and guiding me when I was lost.

I can really recommend Amanda for helping anyone who’s willing to follow her lead.

After 2 years (2018), my weight stands at 112kg and I am still losing weight, enjoying cycling and consider myself fit.


Amanda far exceeded my expectations. My best decision ever was to get Amanda to coach me.

Meyer Family

My Type II Diabetes was out of control.

Having Amanda as a coach is like inviting a trustful friend into your life. She understands dynamics of a relationship under stress – Fanie was almost blind. She coached with kindness and patience.   Success is part of her being…

My husbands eyesight was badly affected by Type 2 Diabetes – he was almost blind. The eye specialist recommended Banting as a last resort. Knowing Amanda is trained as a Banting coach and an internationally qualified Life Coach she was the only coach to consider. My husband injected 46 units of insulin a day. After 2 weeks his sugar dropped so low he had to stop injecting insulin. After 6 weeks of Banting with coach Amanda his eyesight improved enough for him to start driving again. Because his sugar levels are stable the bleeding on his retinas stopped.

We will always be grateful for coach Amanda’s patience, understanding and guidance. Her work is truly blessed.

As we as a family continue with LCHF as a lifestyle, our health continues to improve. The weight loss is a nice bonus.

Andre Obradovic


I had the opportunity to work with Amanda as a fellow Coach and I have found that she has great insights into people and how to help them make change happen. She asks curious questions and understands how to get to the point in a caring manner and offers a safe coaching environment for clients. I would highly recommend her as a coach that helps clients take action in a sustainable manner. 

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Santi Lombaard

I feel like a new person, more confident, healthy and proud of myself. I lost 16kg in 8 months. Thanks to my banting coach, Amanda Strydom who helped & guided me to a new lifestyle. I am still losing…

Are you Next?


Corlie Myburgh

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